April Stormtrooper

The Mandalorian Candidate - Our newest model Laura Noir. 

As we’ve smashed through 7,000 followers, and the new Michael Bay Transformers atrocity trailer has been released, here’s April Storm getting something Prime between her legs. 

First shot from our brand new April Storm-Trooper set. 

An old one of ours - Fawyna the Stormtrooper

Nina chilling with her Stormtrooper blaster. 

Our newest model, Silent Swan, getting ready for a Dalek Invasion. 

A collection of our work with Tindra. 

(Source: geekedoutblog)

Via In Brightest Blackest Night

I thought I recognised our helmet! All pics by us (featuring Crystal and Eleanor) 

(Source: geekedoutblog)

Via In Brightest Blackest Night

Nina always shoots first. 

6,000 followers and we’re always looking for more models to join the Empire! 

Tindra loves mini-Batman

Nina is your new naked nerdbomb for today. 

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